AVS School

Registered under “The National Trust”
(Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment) 

Registered under “The National Trust”
(Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment)

Apple Valley Center for Special Kids has a systematic and thorough process for admitting students. Here’s a summary of the steps to be followed for enrollment:

1. Appointment Scheduling

Parents are encouraged to fix an appointment by contacting the office staff at the provided phone numbers:
+91-89256 46661, 62, 63 | +91 44-48626660.

2. Assessment Appointment

Once the appointment is scheduled, parents, accompanied by the child, are required to visit the center for an assessment. It is during this visit that relevant documents are submitted for review.

3. Assessment Feedback

Following the assessment, feedback is provided to the parents. This feedback includes an evaluation of the child’s abilities, needs, and considerations for educational and therapeutic interventions.

4. Classroom Observation

A 10-day classroom observation period follows the assessment. This likely involves the child spending time in the educational environment to assess their behavior, interaction, and response to the learning environment.

5. Meeting with Parents

After the 10d-day classroom observation period, there is a meeting with the parents. This meeting likely involves discussing the observations made during the observation period and sharing insights from the educators and therapists.

6. Goals

Based on the collective inputs of special education professionals, therapists, and parents, a decision is made regarding the most suitable group & therapy requirements for the child. This decision likely takes into account the child’s unique needs and abilities.